Incoming for hotels & AirBNBs

The world's best startups and content marketing teams use Incoming to power their company communications.

Incoming for hotels & AirBNBs

Large or small we can help your organization regain control of all of your messages regardless of where they begin.

Why is it good for startup

CMS Multi-purpose Blog

Start out small with the simple blog listing until your content is ready to take centre-stage on the full blog layout.

CMS Case Studies

Build trust with potential leads by showcasing customer success stories.

CMS Career Listings

Manage job openings easily and attract the right talent with Quicksmart's career layouts.

Bring your existing tools together

Incoming has dozens of integrations, which means you can connect all of the platforms you use together in one place.
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Features for hotels & AirBNBs

You can get started in minutes and all the features your growing team needs are built-in, with no bloated plugins to maintain.
Slack notifications

Keep your team up-to-date with Slack notifications

Workflows not work arounds

Powerful workflows to communicate more effectively

Subscribe to conversations

Easily subscribe or unsubscribe yourself to a conversation

Enterprise support

Security, compliance, and flexible deployment for enterprises

Lightning fast

Our service is optimized to run as fast as possible with as few dependencies as needed using Phoenix & Elixir

99.99% uptime

We understand how important reliability is to your business

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