Share your activity with the tools you already use.

A constant barrage of notifications from a half dozen apps steals your attention and lets work intrude on personal time. By centralizing your notifications, Incoming makes it easy to keep on top of things and minimize interruptions.

Keep everyone in the loop without all the meetings.

Slack: Integrate Incoming! directly with Slack for instant updates across your entire team

Discord (Coming soon!): Connect with Discord to follow all of you incoming conversations and keep up-to-date with your entire team

We plan to add future support for Microsoft Teams and other platforms which your team already uses

Mentioned you in a note

A Slack message notifies you when a team mate mentions you in a conversation, keeping you up-to-date.

Closed a conversation

Be informed when a conversation gets closed by another teammate.

Replied to a conversation we were subscribed to

When you are subscribed on a particular conversation you are instantly alerted of updates and changes.

Create a channel for new unsubscribed conversations

Use channels to keep track of new conversations from Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. You can assign them or leave internal notes without leaving slack.

Get instantly alerted when you are assigned a conversation

Get instant updates whenever someone assigns you a particular conversation and any notes they may have added keeping you in the loop.

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We'll only use your email address to notify you about Incoming, not for future marketing or sales.  We won't sell or trade your email.
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