The Universal Inbox

One Platform to rule them all. All your work in one single view. Whether it’s email, your company Twitter, your favorite apps, or Facebook, you can manage it all in Incoming.

Everything in one place

Incoming is the only service that combines everything into one platform. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, emails, SMSs, Phones and Voicemail can all be mixed and matched to your specification. All this without the evil robots that other companies use to constantly spam you with notifications about updates and new products. The bottom, righthand corner of your screen is yours to do with as you please!
Get on the list

Join forces with your team, family or friends. Incoming is for everyone.

Whether you're a charity with 3 members, a law firm of 330, or just a group of friends that want to talk about films, you can all stay on the same page.

  • Tag Your Collaborators
  • Redundancy Detection
  • Private Note Functions
  • Everything is Saved

Keep track of your customers

​​All of your client data is displayed in the sidebar. All previous communications from every source is saved. It even includes their contact information.

Communicate with everyone instantly

​​With Incoming everything is in one place. No matter where your messages come from, they all appear in your inbox. Add notes and tag teammates to any message for instant and clear communication.


Incoming brings not only brings your team together, it combines your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, voicemail and SMSs, with your email inbox. We're the only all-in-one platform.

Customisable Interface

Incoming lets you choose what works best for you and your team. No annoying robots from hell displaying enticing notifications that try to up-sell you other products.

Everything you need

Other services are simply email and/or chat oriented. We are so much more. Incoming offers you everything without being annoying. You tell us what you want, we give it to you.

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